Participation in Projects

Along my PhD and afterwards I have taken part in several projects, mostly related with wind and wind power, but also paleoclimatology and future projections:

  1. Extreme North Sea Storm Surges and Their Consequences (EXTREMENESS; German Federal Ministry of Education, Germany).
  2. New European Wind Atlas (NEWA; Ministry of Economy and Competivity –MINECO–, Spain).
  3. Influence of the Soil Model in Climate and Climate Change Simulations (ILModelS, MINECO, Spain).
  4. Analysis of the regional climatological variability and predictability of wind and wind power (AVAPVIP-PLUS; Ministry of Science and Innovation –MCINN–, Spain).
  5. Analysis of the wind and wind power regional variability: Uncertainties, scenarios and extremes (MCINN, Spain).
  6. Collaboration agreement between PalMA research group (921407) — and the St Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, Canada (4164281).