The workshop will be devoted to the analysis of reconstructions and multi-model simulations of the past two millennia and will blend the PAGES2K and the PMIP3 communities. It will  focus on the comparison between reconstructions (different regions of PAGES 2K as well as new or other existing evidences) and the new suite of past1000 simulations developed within PMIP3.

The comparative analyses will give a particular emphasis to the continental/regional scales, to the understanding of physical mechanisms, and to link past and future climate evolution to help constrain uncertainty in future climate projections.

This will be a product oriented workshop targeting on at least one consortium paper integrating the efforts and expertise of the various groups.


Attendants will be asked to contribute to the workshop either preparing review talks or being integrated in some working group that will develop working materials previous to the workshop

Preliminary Working groups:

Working Group 1:

Model-data comparison focused on PAGES2K regions and PMIP3 simulations.

Working Group 2:

Model-data comparison focused on PMIP3 simulations and instrumental & reconstructed circulation modes.

Working Group 3:

Best practices/new methods/approaches in model-data comparison.


*** This is a semi-open workshop (expected 25-30 participants). Some researchers have been invited due to their direct connection with the focus of the meeting. Everyone else interested in attending will have to send an Expression of Interest  including the info required. The organizing committee will decide among all letters of interest. The decision will be based on the relationship between the applicant's area of research and the topic of the workshop,  i.e., it's critical that applicants are/have been working on multimodel-reconstructions comparison during the LastMillennium.


  Sunday, 3rd November

21h. cebreaker. First contact among all the attendants to the workshop.



  Monday, 4th November

A detailed schedule will be confirmed later on


  Tuesday, 5th November

A detailed schedule will be confirmed later on

19:00-20:30 Outreach activity. Conference/round table about climate change.

21:00 Workshop dinner


  Wednesday, 6th November

A detailed schedule will be confirmed later on


Participants are kindly requested to arrive on Sunday 3th November 2013, in order to start the meeting on Monday 4th November 2013 early in the morning. With the aim of making the most of the meeting, participants are also requested not to leave, if possible,  until the workshop finishes (Wednesday, 6th Nov. in the evening).

Tentative schedule for the three days workshop:

  Thursday, 7th November

Free day devoted to sightseeing in Madrid, cultural activities... (to be determined)




  -Workshop Plan


  -Outreach event


-Expression of interest for young scientists

Local information

  -Madrid city

  -CBA-The workshop place



  -Near the hotel



Practical Information



  -Health / Safety / Emergencies



Science and society facing climate change, do we understand each other?

19.00h. Wednesday, 5th November 2013.

Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid

XIII Week of Science. Madrid

Preliminary Agenda (en pdf)


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